What A girl Wants: A list of things any girl wants. Why? Because It's almost V-day so here are some hints.

  1. Diamonds. :)
  2. Kisses
  3. Sweet nothings
  4. Forhead kisses
  5. More diamonds.
  6. A boy who listens, but also sometimes a boy who talks. I love it when guys are vulnerable and just tell you their feelings :) aww so adorable!
  7. At this point I'd go for a saphire, I need a break from diamonds.
  8. Shoes
  10. Back to diamonds
  11. A trip to disneyland!
  12. Chocolate covered macadamia nuts with carmel :)))))))))))
  13. hugs
  14. And best of all, Maybe an "I love you".
More valentines posts to come.

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