When in doubt... Use a Window :)

So random story...
Today after school I went home with a friend and we were going to pick up my purse to go out for the night when I realized I didn't have my key :( We knocked and knocked and no one came. So we had to be creative. :) She climed throught the window and saved the day :)
I've been having lots of fun adventures since I've been here.
I'll post more soon as I am sure they'll come :)

Update :) March 2011 REXBURG IDAHO

So I am wayyyyy behind on my blogging which is probably why I continued to put it off. Haha but I need to get it done so here it goes....

I have been in Idaho for almost a month now. It has its pros, as well as it's cons. Rexburg is not anything like Reno, But I have learned there are ways to make your own fun you just need to put forth a little effort.
My first day here I met my roomates.
There is Cassie, Emily, And Annie. :) Already I have learned something from each of them.
Cassie Shares a room with me. She is a spunky, strong-willed, fiery kinda girl. Basically everything Cassie Does is amazing. She is an addict- to her scriptures. Seriously the girl cannot get enough of them. She sits there and laughs at them. Who needs SNL when you have the humor of idiot laman and lemuel? Haha that's her point of view on it I guess :) Also Cassie is from the south. And she taught me recently how to make authentic, (black people) homeade fried chicken :) And the other day she was so sweet and brought me breakfast in bed!!! I love that girl. She's for sure an example.
Emily is as well very spunky. But I think the best verb to describe Emily is frisky. I love when emily laughs. It always lifts my spirits :) She is very in touch with the spiritual as well as literal sides of things. She has a lot of life experience and is a good teacher but also a good listener. She is very in tune with people and how they are feeling. She is my pal to watch ghost movies with. When I start to freak out she always is there to comfort...Or tell me to get a spine haha :) Emily is great. She can always lighten my mood :) Not to mention she has awesome style when it comes to clothes, fashion, etc...
Annie is rarely here, HOWEVER.... when she is here she is usually skyping with friend and talking in spanish. :) She is a very fun girl and she is about to go on a mission. You can tell Annie is an independant strong girl. She has taught me to be patient with relationships. Annie's latina flare makes me feel a little closer to home :)

My first day of school was great. Paul Mitchell is great. They very much contour the curriculum to your individula style of learning. Some people learn better by just listening. Some need to play with something in their hand to keep busy to pay attention. Others need a little energy boost. Ha no worries PM has it covered. Everyday on our desks are toys to play with, candy, markers, etc... Music is often played for those who learn through music. It's such a creative and fun enviroment. Lots of times someone will bust into the classroom and say " He we're dancing get out here" And we all shuffle out to spend a couple minutes improving a line dance. It's definitly a show for our clients :) We have two learning leaders (not to be called teacher) Who are the life of the Paul Mitchell party! Brigite and Courntey. Love them both. They have a lot of patience and so much knowledge. They are great!

I was having such a hard time getting up for school. And I had a blessing. It encouraged me to read my scriptures and say my prayers more consistantly. I have really been trying to focus on that. When I do read and pray I don't have a hard time getting up. I'm coming to find, when i don't i cannot function.  I cannot do it on my own and it's ok to rely on the lord. I need his help. I love his help.

Friends have been great. I'm so grateful for those ones I have been able to talk to and get great advice from. I have needed their help as well.

My ward is awesome. LOTS of cute boys to keep me occupied. My bishop is outstanding and it's just a really good enviroment.

 The other night in honor of sister I tried to relive her memory in Idaho and I did a hot and cold escapade. Me and a friend were in a hot tob, then we got out, and in our swimsuits rolled on the snow. It BUUUUURRRRRRNNNNEEEDDD! Most pain of my life haha. After the snow we got back into the hot tub... And I thought the first burn was bad.... This was worse. Then I turned around and realized we were being watched the whole time by a boy who was in  our ward. :/ All i can say is ":/" Haha.

Tonight there is a Luao. (spell check?) For institute. Then I have some grocery shopping to do which brings me to my last subject...
I overspent on my very unstrict budget. It was completely ad totally my own fault. And my parents helped me out. I miss them so very much. I miss those sundays and home cooked meals. I miss my yiddlest boy. My effort to not miss him has been an epic fail. He is the background on my screen saver. I miss that little guy. He is the best nephew ever. I miss my little brother. I called him yesterday to tell him and I think he was a little weirded out. haha. And I miss my sister Katers. And her pie too :( I miss my Ry and his sweet spirit. I miss my Brudder justin. And his Cara. I miss My Ditty!!!!! And my momma. I want a hug from my momma. I miss watching cold case with her until 3 am :(
I miss my family.
I miss Isaac and the Owensbys.
I miss the heat.
But I don't miss my old life. My old habits (some im still trying to conquer).
I'm so grateful for this new start. I finally get to have the life I need and want.


Messages are everywhere. So are lessons. You can be taught amazing things by almost any situation. I don't think its our lack of available lessons thats the problem. I think the problem is when we hear the messages we don't apply them. And when we take part in these lessons, we don't TRULY learn from them.
Hannah Lorsch

Call Me Beautiful.

Urban dictionary's definition of HOTT:
Well it is innapropriate so I'm not going to put it.

Urban dictionary's definition of Sexy:
Well when you type it in, there is a picture of a girl with almost everything hanging out.

Urban dictionary's definition of Beautiful:
Having qualities that delight the senses, especially the sense of sight, but also inner beauty-intelligence. Excellent; wonderful. Classy.

Ok so we are flirting amd you want to compliment me? To start don't call me HOTT. Why? Because it does NOT flatter me. Hott insinuates the idea that I'm sleazy, easy, and other such things.
Don't call me hott.

You think there are things that are attractive about me. Then say that. Don't tell me I'm sexy. Do I look like a poster from victoria secret? Do I walk around in underwear? Um no. So why call me sexy?

Why can't you call me beautiful?
Why can't you call me gorgeous?
Why must you catergorize me as something so common place as a girl who doesn't wear enough clothing?

There are enough easy, promiscuous girls out there.
Not enough modest ones.

There is plenty of skin already being shown off to the rest of the world.
I'd prefer not to use mine for attention.

If you want something common your looking in the wrong place.
Because I'm unique.

I refuse to to grab your interest by using provacitive language.
I will enchant you with my intelligence.

I will shun your offers to act scandalously
And accept your offer to take me to dinner.

Call me beautiful.

Listen to the things I say.
Expect to ACTUALLY get to know me- because I AM A PERSON.
I'm not just a body.
Notice how Personality's root is Person?
If it was all about the looks then it wouldn't it be called "Bodyality"

Call me gorgeous.

Get to know who I am.
Realize the individual I am.

Recognize the important things.
Realize that in 80 years the looks will have faded. We will both be gray haired and wrinkly. The looks will wither away, but my personality won't.

Beautiful or ugly?:
Kind. Sweet. Caring. Devoted. Loyal. Compassionate. Charitable. Friendly. Outoging. Loving.

Beautiful or ugly?:
Rude. Spiteful. Dishonest. Selfish. Fake.

Has your perception on beautiful changed yet?

Well I'm beautful, so take a good look.

Attention: Low Self Esteemed Young Women

FACT: Every girl wants that perfect guy.
FACT:But we must remember that every guy wants an awesome girl.
HYPOTHESIS: Girls who don't repsect themselves won't reach their full potential of awesomeness.

COME ON GIRLS! Show yourself a lil RESPECT!!!!
This is from an actual experience with an actual girl.

So I call my boyfriend who I had not been dating long(now exboyfriend) and a girl answers the phone and tells me to bug off because she is now with my boyfriend. I hang up.
Ok WHAT?! Rewind!!!! First off, when did my boyfriend decide to delete me from his life?! And WHY did he not tell me?!?!?!
Answer: He is a cheater face. Mean, Selfish, and not to be trusted. Also Obviously LAME for not doing it himself. Can anybody say coward??
1 minute after the phone call I feel angry. Mad. Frustrated.
2 minutes after I feel sad and hurt.
3 minutes after I wonder why the heck I dated such an OBVIOUS loser.
4 minutes later I get a text from the girl, on a different number.

Text from girl: Who R u and y r u trying to talk to my man?!
My reply: Um sorry my mistake.
Text from girl: No really who are you?
My reply: Well aparently now im his EX girlfriend. So you have nothing to worry about.
Text from girl: So you two were dating?
My reply: obviously.
Text from girl: For how long?
My reply: I really don't want to talk to you. I don't know you and you were really mean to me on the phone.
Text from girl: I'm sorry I'm just super uspet right now. I can't believe this.
My reply: Well I'm sorry but I think we were both being played.
Text from girl: This sucks. Sorry for being mean.
My reply: It's understandable I would do the same thing.
Text from girl: I'm like totally sad now.
My reply: Well I'm not going to have anything to do with him anymore so he's all yours.
Text from girl: Yeah I am so done with him too!
My reply: SMart girl. He is obviously NOT good enough for either of us.
Text from girl: Ok. Well Thanks for the info. Good luck to you.

I thought that was the end of it. But a few days later she is sending me texts again.
Text from girl: He keeps calling me and trying to apologize.
(Funny thing- he was calling me too! I don't know what about because I wouldn't asnwer. hmm wonder what he wanted to say. lol)
Me: Look not to be rude, but I kind a want out of this situation.
Text from girl: Well I was just wondering if you could tell me all of the mean things he may have said about me so I won't be tempted to talk to him.

Ok... This is what I am referring to. How sad is it that this girl ASKED to be HURT!!! She wanted to know things that would hurt her feelings so she would not be tempted to talk to Mr. Cheater face!!!! No! The reason this upsets me is if the girl had enough self respect she would have dropped this dude. Her repellant to him should nto have to be mean things he has said about her ON TOP of the fact that he cheated. Isn't the fact that he used, cheated, and played her enough?

Can't young women love themselves enough to do things a little differently?

First, try and be selective as to whom you date. YOU DESERVE THE BEST. YOU CAN GET THE BEST. And if you feel like you are not at this moment worthy for the best- improve upon those things that are holding you back!!!!!

Also, when you do get involved with the wrong guy, when he screws you over, toss him aside and never look back. Because as soon as you look back,  It's kinda like you will see a sad, orphaned puppy.

He will look so sorry and like he needs you.
 You will feel so bad you will run back to him, and once you get close again, once you are cuddling him, he's gonna maul you!

 (Not always but most of the time.) He will have turned into a whole different breed in a manner of seconds.

And have the respect for yourself to leave him because you can do better. Because he didn't treat you right.
Men have it easy sometimes. They get to act tough. For most, It is part of their make up. But girls- we can be tough too! We can be strong! We can toss the losers aside and have our happily ever afters. There is hope!!!!

I have had my share of cheater-faces. I have had my share of bad boy experiences. But what I have learned is that I'm worth WAY too much to be jerked around.

On the brighter side- I don't care who you are, what you have done. IT DOESN'T matter. EVERY girl is a princess and deserves to be treated like one.

 And believe it or not but there are great, amazing guys out there just waiting to love you. I haven't even found mine yet, but I do know he is out there. The whole idea is for each other to prepare for one another.  When the time is right you will both find each other-when you are ready.

I just hope us girls can be strong when it comes to guys. I hope we can remember our INFINITE worth.
Because I'm worth it.

Call It Scandalous!

What the heck is Valentines day all about? What's the history behind it? well to sum it up...
"Legend has it that Valentine was a priest who served during third century Rome. There was an Emperor at that time by the name of Claudius II. Emperor Claudius II decided that single men made better soldiers than those that were married. With this thought in mind he outlawed marriage for young men in hopes of building a stronger military base. Supposedly, Valentine, decided this decree just wasn't fair and chose to marry young couples secretly. When Emperor Claudius II found out about Valentine's actions he had him put to death."
 Ok so it's a day devoted to forbidden love? That's what I got from it. I don't that was a very practical or even neccesary way of thinking. However it caused me to think of other old ways of thinkning that I believe the world would be better to observe again.
Let's rewind to the early 1900's.
"A typical couple in the early 1900's did a little something called "courting".
Courting wasn't something young people did merely for a good time; it was a serious family business proposition. Surprisingly, the main players in the marriage process often weren't just the bride and groom; they were the parents of the bride and groom. "

Whoa. Ok thats a little different. First of all I don't know a ton of teenagers today that actively discuss and involve their parents when it comes to the person he or she may be dating. And also it's funny to think if dating were looked at the same way today as it was then, that it seems 2nd graders would be discussing marriage- because aparently people in second grade these days have somewhat serious relationships. /:(

Now now, I'm not saying that everyone needs to get married right away. Really what I'm reffering to is how the boys treated the girls. Chivalry was far from dead.
A girl was asked on a date and the date was formal. She was treated like a queen (as all women should be treated.) Doors were opened for her, she was given his jacket if it got chilly, and he always went to go get her her drink.
Also, I believe most of the time back then, the boys would nto kiss until like the 5th or 6th date. And sex? Ha yeah right.

However my main point that I'm trying to get to (AND NOT TO BE HYPOCRITICAL) But I think sex back then was totally treated differently. Those who had sex before marriage were considered scandalous, wild, and unmannered. It makes me sad to think how easlily accpeted, and widespread premarital sex has become today. I'm OBVIOUSLY not one to speak considering I have had a baby, BUT now that I'm in a better place, and now that I have looked back, I wish i would not have been one to so easily accept it.
I say call premarital sex scandalous! I say don't let something that should be special between two people be an activity to cure boredom. I say stop facilitating a place for your son to bring his girlfriend to spend the night. I understand that people have their ability to choose-So elminating this issue is impossible. But just don't make it so easy.
Just sayin.

What A girl Wants: A list of things any girl wants. Why? Because It's almost V-day so here are some hints.

  1. Diamonds. :)
  2. Kisses
  3. Sweet nothings
  4. Forhead kisses
  5. More diamonds.
  6. A boy who listens, but also sometimes a boy who talks. I love it when guys are vulnerable and just tell you their feelings :) aww so adorable!
  7. At this point I'd go for a saphire, I need a break from diamonds.
  8. Shoes
  10. Back to diamonds
  11. A trip to disneyland!
  12. Chocolate covered macadamia nuts with carmel :)))))))))))
  13. hugs
  14. And best of all, Maybe an "I love you".
More valentines posts to come.

Ode to Cara:

Tonight I REALLY love Cara. I just do.
No one needs to know my reasons.
All people need to know is she is...
Cara is such a good listener. I love that I can confide in her without fear of judgement. I love her advice. And I love how she treats my brudder. I'm so glad they are together. And if for no other reason, simply for the fact that they are so darn adorable together!!!!
I vote yes!
I love You Cara Fun K.

I Remember...

  • Dance class with Ms. Christy in her basement. My little black leotard.
  • Disney movies like the Lion King, Beauty and the Beast, Little mermaid, and the Mighty Ducks!
  • Sledding down the big hill at our first house
  • Mom making me cheese and crackers while the boys were at school
  • Playing with cousins
  • Going to grandma L's house and getting jolly rancher sticks from a mug.
  • My kitty Casper
  • Building forts
  • Playing in the woods on a giant log and my brothers pushing me off with sticks :(
  • (while I'm on the mind set) My brothers telling me they won't play with me unless I knock down a wasps nest. >:( Getting stung 9 times!!!
  • dressing my little brother up in girl clothes
  • getting my ears pierced
  • going with mom to relief society functions
  • mom watching soap operas and folding laundry
  • riding the ferry
  • Having an "incident" on the ferry. Stupid seagulls.
  • going to Seattle for a fun day at the science center
  • going to barbeques with family friends
  • Playing with Billy and trying to make him fall in love with me by singing on top of a stool.
  • the giant swings up the hill
  • playing with Bridgett
  • trying to fly a kite by tying it to the back of my bike and riding off
  • mom and dad buying me a cool binder fro school
  • visiting candy cane lane at Christmas time
  • Miss Whit and the playground at preschool
  • monarch butterflies in kindergarten
  • Ms. Howe and her red hair
  • Soccer games at Kitsap fair grounds and being upset to have oranges rather than Kudos bars. but always being excited for the Capri suns
  • being excited to buy "hot lunch"
  • Colby’s beach
  • dad writing love notes to us in our lunches (usually on napkins)
  • FHE spotlight.
  • FHE pillow case races
  • Polar dip
  • Razor scooters
  • Riding bikes on Saturday the whole family
  • doing body for life with the whole family and taking family walks together
  • KL2 (the band me and Kaz created)
  • Playing regular Nintendo, then being excited fro N64! Star fox!
  • the big trade of candy after Halloween
  • hiking lower Lena lake with dad in sandals
  • Family reunions at the lake with the newts: /
  • spending the night with my cousins Breanna and Melony
  • the pellet stove
  • the porch
  • the garage being flooded
  • making home videos
  • getting mad that Patrick got a lot of attention because he was a baby
  • going over to aunt Kris’s house and playing with the animals
  • going to my uncle who was my dentist
  • our giant white toy box
  • the gummy sack that ate our toys if we didn't pick them up
  • Easter egg hunts
  • picking blackberries from the backyard
  • the shed with old paint in it
  • bonfires
  • Parents turning music on really loud throughout the house on Saturdays to get us all up and cleaning.
  • Running up grandpa F's legs to do a flip
  • playing hide and seek with he cousins
Those are all things I remember. :)

Yiddlest Boy

I love when you come over
and sit upon my lap
I love it how your eyes light up
When your happy, when you clap

I love the little sounds you make
to try and talk with me
I think it's cute when you're uspet
Cuz there's no need to be

I love your big blue Tommy eyes
and your lashes oh so dark
You look so great in pictures
Just see the ones from at the park!

I love it how you study me
with those giant sky blue eyes
I love it how you giggle
when you get a big suprise

I love it how you stare
at anything that shines
I love it how you contemplate
when just staring at the blinds!

Tommy you have helped me lots
by showing me your love!
The best yiddle boy aunti Hannah could have
You are so peaceful like a dove!